OPINION: “Buhari Should Resign, Come Home And Die A Part-Hero” – Dr David Okorafor

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A veteran writer and author of many publications, Dr David Okorafor who is also a medical doctor slammed at the presidency for the extended of the president of Nigeria and demands the immediate resignation of President Muhammadu . He again analyzed the amount of resources Nigeria is wasting maintaining the sick president which he estimated as 160,000,000 each for 8 private Jets parked at London.

He took this to his Facebook wall on Sunday 13th August 2017. Read the writer’s opinion:

“Buhari is sitting on the edge of sad history and his supporters keep nudging him…
“Just watch the number of Nigerian politicians that are (probably still) in London with him ‘celebrating his 100 days’ of shameless medical tourism and tell me you aren’t ashamed. Go watch the video. The glee on their faces, the juvenile excitement.
“This whole tomfoolery by Nigeria’s president and his cohorts is a record show of lack of insight. Could I have been part of this if I were in government? Buhari has refused to resign, and none of his handlers would consider it either. What does it mean to be a Nigerian patriot? It is garbage, all garbage.
“And all this has become normal! Here is a man who lied to Nigerians, rode into Aso rock on the back of galloping gigantic dishonesty, an arrogant tribalist, an unprepared opportunist, a divisive leader, a fake Chinese product.
“Buhari should resign and come home and die a part-hero, he’s old enough. This is what integrity demands. And to imagine that he also lacks the moral fibre to stop politicians from wasting our resources travelling to London in droves to visit him! Plus the 8 presidential jets he keeps, one of which is reported to gulp N160,000,000 for the 100 days it has been parked in London. This is the monthly salary of over 3000 federal civil servants.
“I weep for my country. African leaders are wicked”

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