Next Rated Vs Superstar Mixtape By Dj Nwabakaliki


Next rated vs Superstar – Promoting upcoming artists has always been one of the biggest relevance of our renowned deejay, . He has scored the biggest point as a song promotion agent and has made a lot of remarkable achievements.

The secret of his achievement is not far fetched. It is very simple to think; Dj Nwabakaliki puts an upcoming artist with less audience, side by side a celebrated Superstar who has gained recognition nationwide. These audience are left the liberty of sound judgement and they tend to appreciate the work of the upcoming artist.

This formation always work with a next rated artist.

Now let’s find out who is a next rated artist. A next rated artist is an upcoming artist whose intellectual content is so rich and has a very promising">future. A next rated artist is an upcoming artist with singles released but has no album in his credit.

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In this mixtape Next rated Vs Superstar, Dj Nwabakaliki made a 100% combination of songs from next rated artists and superstars, that the listeners would hardly distinguish what is the difference.


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Recall, last season, Dj Nwabakaliki released an episode of next rated vs superstars mega mix see mix

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