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Dj Nwabakaliki Mixtape: Diva Medicine

diva medicine

Diva Medicine - Introducing Diva By 2Steps, Dj Nwabakaliki presents a dedicated mixtape to Diva song by 2Steps and Medicine by Wizkid. A very sensational song racorded much earlier than the 'Medicine' song by Wizkid. The mix comprises of the biggest songs in Nigeria including fall and if by Davido, Oringo

Next Rated Vs Superstar Mixtape By Dj Nwabakaliki

next rated

Next rated vs Superstar - Promoting upcoming artists has always been one of the biggest relevance of our renowned deejay, Dj Nwabakaliki. He has scored the biggest point as a song promotion agent and has made a lot of remarkable achievements. The secret of his achievement is not far fetched. It

Dj Nwabakaliki – Good Music No Fit Die #Mixtape

good music

Good Music No Fit Die - For years in the business, Dj Nwabakaliki has been in the lane of exploiting latest Nigerian good music and putting them together to entertain his valued age long fans. He has forced songs and tunes inside the ears of non music lovers and they were

Dj Nwabakaliki Mixtape – Face Of Celeb Loaded

face of celeb

Face Of Celeb Loaded - Following the release of "Face Of Celeb" first edition, Dj Nwabakaliki rebrands the already trending mixtape to thrill his audience and entertain his fans with a collection of good music. This sweet mixtape was introduced with a gospel song by flavour "Chimamanda". This mixtape also featured