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Music is the language of the soul. That is an ancient saying that the recent “New School” musicians seem to have forgotten or didn’t hear about. Today, we are living in the generation where song lyrics are made of bad literature, vulgar languages, sensitive vocabularies and immoral lessons. We are limited to listening to music that adds little or no value to our society. That is the reason why I chose to bring up the name of a legend who the new generation youths may or may not know. The name of a legend who our fathers appreciated her songs and some of us danced to her songs too but were too little to appreciate her solidified lyrics and choice of words. The name of a legend who I place as an Icon and a model to nurture and refine the lifestyle of our people and youths of today. She is called .

To start with, Yvonne Chaka Chaka was at the BET Awards in Los Angeles, where she was honored with the Global Good Power Award. June 2017


Yvonne Chaka Chaka (Yvonne Moloko Machaka born in 1965) is an internationally recognized and highly respected South African singer, songwriter, entrepreneur, humanitarian and teacher. Dubbed the “Princess of Africa” (a name she received after a 1990 tour) [source]

Chaka Chaka was born in Dobsonville in Soweto to a family of three girls with two sisters named Doreen and Refiloe. Refiloe was the one that encouraged Yvonne to sing. She went into music by default because her late father was a gospel musician who died when she was 11 years old leaving a mark on earth which is the desire to sing spelt in his daughter Yvonne. Their mother raised them up through her little salary as a domestic worker but was not able to achieve her dream of seeing Yvonne become a lawyer when she was not able to afford her university fees. [source]

Yvonne’s journey to stardom was so strategic and smooth. She was first discovered in Johannesburg in 1984 by Phil Hollis of Dephon Records when she was 19 years of age. Her first hit was “I’m in love with a DJ” which was a song the deejays never skipped in their playlist as she emotionally lured all the deejays to start falling in love with her, a young beautiful damsel with nice voice. Yvonne Chaka Chaka sang very nice songs which shall forever be remembered and her style should be emulated by the song writers of nowadays. She sang the songs that appealed to her audience and changed the world as well.

Releasing hit after hit, Chaka Chaka’s subsequent award-winning albums include “Burning Up”, “Sangoma”, “Who’s The Boss”, “Motherland”, ” Be Proud to be African”, “Thank You Mr DJ”, “Back on my Feet”, “Rhythm of Life”, “Who’s got the Power”, “Bombani (Tiko Rahini)”, “Power of Afrika”, “Yvonne and Friends” and “Kwenzenjani”. Throughout her illustrious career Chaka Chaka has met people like Nelson Mandela (singing at his 85th birthday party), the Queen and Oprah Winfrey.

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Thank You Mr Dj

I rate this very track Number one out of all Yvonne Chaka Chaka’s hit songs simply because I am a promoter and a Dj. This song was highly appreciated by Deejays because the talented singer lured the Djs to fall in love with the music by simply thanking them for their kindness in playing her song.

Unlike what we see nowadays, she was so humble to appreciate the efforts of each and every deejays who contributed to her success. The success story that started with Phil Hollis of Dephon Records 1984 who was her producer and “replacement father”. Her journey from Nothing to Something is worth appreciating every one that made it a reality, but with a song, it is something exceptional and even more strategic. The album “Thank you Mr. Dj” went double gold in five weeks.

Literary, her music in the song was a caller and during her bored and lonely time, when she lost all hope, the Dj played her favorite song which got her “Man” running back to her. Lets look at “Her Man” as an icon of success. She lost her dad at early age and was brought up by her mum. At the point she was about to join high institution, there was no money to finance her education further and fulfill her mother’s dream of seeing her become a lawyer. She was introduced to a producer who played her song and there her success began.



Umqombothi, from the Xhosa language, is a beer made from maize (corn), maize malt, sorghum malt, yeast and water. It is commonly found in South Africa. It is very rich in Vitamin B. The beer has a rather low alcohol content (usually less than 3%) and is known to have a heavy and distinctly sour aroma. In appearance, the beer is opaque and light tan in color. It has a thick, creamy and gritty consistency (from the maize). [source]

I rate this song Number two out of all Yvonne Chaka Chaka songs. As a kid I can still remember how we danced to the beat when South African songs was played more in the eastern part of Nigeria. We enjoyed the song even though it was sang in Xhosa.

While taking this documentary,  I gathered the major significant of Umqombothi beer in Xhosa. I gathered that it was a beer highly valued traditionally as it was the traditional drink used to celebrate the home coming of every male child who passed the circumcision and initiation rituals, Ulwaluko. This made the beer vital and valued like Palm Wine is being valued in Igbo tradition.

In this song, Yvonne Chaka Chaka described her song as Umqombothi, because its very essential and accepted by everyone (following the alcoholic content of not more than 3%, Something like “Star Radler“). It means that the song is inevitable and for all age grade. That is why in the ad lips, she was calling on everybody to come and drink her “African Beer”.

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My love for this music eh! Listen to the audio and watch the umuafrica.com/video-bobby-maris-dance-ft-selebobo/">dance steps in the video.



I’m Burning Up

This song should have been my number one but since I have other songs I had to rate before it, its now my number three. I’m burning up is a very creative song with deep literature. She was looking for a very special Man, and her burning desire to meet a very special Man did set her heart on fire. She call a fire station (Funny 🙂 ) to put out the fire in her heart.

That fire worker should be sacked for flirting with a client

That’s by the way. It was so creative and with the siren at the background, she appealed to her audience and that really worked fantastically towards the success of the song. Listen to the audio and watch the video.


I Cry For Freedom

Yvonne Chaka Chaka was one of the living legends whose amazing voice turned contributed to the freedom of Africa from colonial masters. She is a woman and her strength is in her tears. She could not fight the war of freedom by physical powers or strength, but she won the fight with her voice and cries which awoke a lot of people from slumber; her music which educated a lot of Africans on the essence of freedom. The song gave a lot of us strength and enlightenment. Well done Ma!

I rate this one Number Four. Download Audio and Watch Video.


Let Me Be Free

One more song I would like to comment on. This song was carefully made to advocate for feminism. There was a time when the Men were gods and the Women were meant to serve the ‘gods’. These gods, married many wives to satisfy their desires and cared less fore what these slave were feeling. These gods bullied and maltreated the servants they called wives.

In this song, Yvonne Chaka Chaka, made it clear that she is a woman (wife) and not a slave. She spoke for the freedom of every woman around the world who are dying in silence trying to keep a home under gross domestic violence. I rate this song Number Five because of the content and it’s relevance to our society.

It is disheartening that even in our modern society, women get bullied and they couldn’t speak up because they are afraid of the god that would throw them out of the house if their voice was heard. Many died in silence and depression. Listen to the song and get inspired.




I love this beat and if I was an artist, am sorry to insinuate but i would remake this beat for a modern dance hall. Its a steady beat and i truly love dancing to the amazing beat even though I can’t follow the lyrics word after word.

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The only statement I could clearly pick was “Who’s the one for me?”. That is actually the question we fail to answer properly before jumping into the wrong relationship. We don’t actually take time to find the right person.

I rate this song Number Six because of its afro beat that got me moving. Download audio and watch video.


From Me To You

Yet another song for the society after “I cry for freedom”, Yvone Chaka Chaka’s “From me to you” was something exceptional. She sang for the unity of the people. There is absolutely a need to live together and in harmony. It is a very cool song that started with a grand piano accompanied by the ringing voice of our hosted songstress Chaka Chaka. I rate this one Number Seven.


I’m Gonna Stop Loving You


Every Woman Needs A Man


Be Proud To Be African



In conclusion, I would like to personally call Yvonne Chaka Chaka “Mama of Africa” or better “Queen of Africa” because I feel disrespectful addressing such a reputable aged icon as a “Princess”. She runs a humanitarian organization “Princess of Africa Foundation” where she gives back to the society especially kids and the poor. I passionately call her a mother, and I mean it.

Opening of the Comprehensive Care Centre at Emusanda, Lurambi District in Western Kenya, attended by Yvonne Chaka Chaka, Ida Odinga and Vestergaard Frandsen, followed by meeting Sarah Obama at the new NGO Grandmothers Against Malaria Initiative (GAMI) in K’Ogelo. 2 Feb 2010

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