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Fulani Herdsmen Now Rears Their Cattle Inside FCT Abuja

fulani herdsmen

The Fulani Herdsmen are growing more confident by the day according to Nigerian facebook user George Onmonya Daniel, fulani herdsmen were caught on photos on Abuja FCT road, Now the big question becomes Who do we blame for this? Is It President Muhammadu Buhari, Or The FCT minister, The herdsmen themselves

This Guys Is Hotter And More Curvy Than Your Chick (See Photos)

bob risky jnr

You all should meet the second Bobrisky.. He didn’t refer to himself as the second Bobrisky.. We gave him that name, since he’s exhibiting the characters of Bobrisky. Pictures were shared by Ahwe Vera Williamz, and it was captioned; “Fine boy like dis😢😢😢 my hrt is heavy😔😔 , bobrisky dont evn

This Kind Of Love Is Rare To Find (Read Details)

This kind of love is rare to find A Nigerian lady shared on her twitter timeline, her boyfriend's CV who is a B.Sc holder in Actuarial science requesting her friends to retweet until it gets to her boyfriend's employer. The courage is really admirable and from the responses on the tweet, she