6 Ways To Unlock Her Wild Side By Georgina Cassar (18+)

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Dear men, we know you want your lady love to crave for you in bed! But please know and understand the fact that women can be tricky: with a lot of buttons to press, and to be pressed in a certain order, at a certain time. Always remember she will never love a guy who just wants to wham, bam, thank you, Ma’am. She will never come crawling back for more with that strategy of yours.

Here is a list of tricks you can try to drive her crazy.

Foreplay Is A Must!

Jumping straight into umuafrica.com/married-virgin-saddening-premarital-sex-taken-actress-biodun-okeowo/">sex is never a great idea! Appropriate warm-up leads to smoother action in bed! Just heat up things a little before you get started on the main course! Kissing, biting, teasing and heavy petting, etc. will just have the right effect on her. Just fire her up and watch her turn into a crazy sex kitten in the bedroom! If you are new to this, just whisper something in her ear, bite it a little and suck on it or gently draw your finger up her spine as you kiss her, this will certainly ignite her like a firecracker.

Watch Out For Her Body Signs!

Women are very expressive, even when they are not talking, their body has a lot to say! You want to know if she’s enjoying herself or not? Just read and understand her body language. Along with that what you should really be taking care of is what really makes her hips grind, how badly she want you, how much she forces her body in yours, and how intense her breathing is, etc. and react to this appropriately. The most important thing is to remain confident and full of passion. Never be the guy who doesn’t have a clue of what he’s doing or has no faith in himself, cause it is such a turn-off!

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Be The Man She Wants!

In the world full of empowering women all around, one might get used to women taking control in bed. And believe us you’ll love it when she is in charge and dominating you, there’s nothing better! But always remember even a confident, powerful and ballsy woman, simply love being dominated! Let us warn you, it will take a little time, trust and communication to win her over! Take baby steps and pick up hints from by reading her body language to make sure she’s comfortable, both physically and emotionally. Go with the thumb rule of one step at a time, it is never a good idea to start off with anything that might hurt her feelings or humiliate her. Women are really drawn towards a man who can take charge and show his dominance and doesn’t think twice before pinning her up against the wall or might as well catch hold of her and punish her by spanking her ass! This is a massive turn on for most women.

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Make Her Go Head Over Heels!

Women are very sensitive and conscious about their lady parts, so assure her you’re having a great time down there. Give her head, she will go in a different world altogether! One strict no while giving a head is “not to take advice from porn video” Believe us, she is not that easy to win over! In the initial stage, this might seem a little tough but with time and patience, you will be a pro in no time!

Hit The Right Spot!

There are a lot of switches in a women’s body which will fire up the minute you turn it on! Starting with the clitoris, g-spot, nipples, the neck, her lips, her back, etc. are a list of switches that you can keep in mind to get her started! Keep on trying new spots to play with because unless she actually tells you, you’ll never know what really floats her boat. Sometimes you’ll get lucky by redefining her choices, only if you keep on experimenting with her! Just blindfold her and roll an ice cube over her neck and lips and drag it all the way down there and let the magic work!

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Play Hard And Rough!

That was a different time when women were all delicate and were handled with care in bed! Though vanilla still is chosen by a lot of women, going wild and rough is that sweeps a whole lot of women off their feet! Maybe she doesn’t need a knight in shining armor but a bandit indeed! Please remember, she is not glass and she won’t break easily, so don’t worry about hurting her. She is crazy, impulsive and just needs you to tame her! Rough love making in bed is full of passion, animalistic and it will sure as hell drive her wild. So don’t hesitant to get a little kinky with her either.

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